Book Reading – Dan Ariely’s Dollars and Sense

I really like how Dan Ariely explaining irrational behaviour in his TED talks and youtube videos. But reading his main big book “Predictably Irrational” is quite hard because of the heavy content and because of me, not having enough time to read the tick book. Then I found this book and it is structured for easy-going ready like me.

The main discussion of the book is about how irrational human can be when dealing with money and finance. Really this book was an eye-opener for me and it teach me a lot about financial planning and decision on strategy-wise.

After reading the book I implemented it on my budgeting and my spending thoughts and process and it really works! I’m able to save, which is something very hard for me to do in the past.

Small Change: Money Mishaps and How to Avoid Them eBook: Dan Ariely, Jeff  Kreisler: Kindle Store | Small changes, Inspirational books,  Quote posters