Delyva Courier Bag – Delivering the experience

We redesigning our courier bag to engage the customer at the emotional level by using design. We placed an avatar with a smile and a big copy that says “It’s for you!” and its wrap with calm blue wrap. Who doesn’t like it? We print 20,000 pieces and the courier bag sold out within 6 […]

Delyva Brand Guidelines 2020

Design Team at Delyva releases the latest Brand Guidelines. The new brand reflects the company image on focusing on the B2B segment while retaining the current B2C customer. View the Brand Guide.

DelyvaX – Next generation courier management system

After two years pushing’s same-day delivery to the market, the team decided to pivot Matdespatch to become Courier Services Aggregator. The Aggregator rebranded as After 2 years with Matdespatch and 2 years with Delyva, the team pivoting again to try a new business. Base what the team has learned from the past 4 […]

Hello world!

I am a UX Designer and facilitator with 12 years of experience in Interaction design and visual design. I help companies align brand, customer experience with their business goals.  Currently working at Delyva Sdn Bhd as Product Lead. Im focusing on developing DelyvaX, a software as a service for courier, fleet and on-demand services to manage […] website redesign

I was given a task to redesign This is an interesting project. Sales and marketing teams were involved in this project. We did the ideation phase with strategising brand positioning and value proposition of This time the team decided to change market segment from B2C to B2B targeting medium to large-sized businesses […] booking and topup feature improvement

This time I have been assigned to improve current booking feature. We did one-week Design Sprint and another week of development. So two weeks from design to public release. Start with paper prototyping and testing using Wizard the Oz method. Finally, we asked three random users to test the product at the end of […] Introduction to Human Centered Design Course

During the MCO I had the opportunity to signup for 8 weeks Introduction to Human-Centred Design Course. It was very good and fun. I joined one of the ASEAN group consists of team members from Singapore and Indonesia. We did design challenge on how to improve immigrant online vocational education. IDEO’s HCD phases: Inspiration […]

Fun project! Red Cemara MUFC Cafe Brand Identity

One of my close friends asked me to design for his upcoming business which is MUFC Cafe with sports restaurant concept. I came out with some brainstorming and idea for his cafe:

Mastering Vue.js with Vue Mastery

Another MCO in Klang Valley and I decided to learn coding Vue.js with Vue Mastery. The course structure is awesome and the videos and screencasts really help me understand Vue development, with Vue CLI, Vue Router, Vuex (State management) and API with AXIOS.

Book Reading – Dan Ariely’s Dollars and Sense

I really like how Dan Ariely explaining irrational behaviour in his TED talks and youtube videos. But reading his main big book “Predictably Irrational” is quite hard because of the heavy content and because of me, not having enough time to read the tick book. Then I found this book and it is structured for […]